About the Founder

About the Founder


Name : Chheku Dukpa (Aka Jackson Dukpa)
Country: Bhutan
Date of Birth : 8-12-1972
Qualification : B.E Civil engineering and Masters Degree in Transportation engineering.

Present Portfolio


  1. Founder and President of Political Party Druk Gaki Tshogpa (DGT)
  2. CEO of Biz Bhutan Technologies
  3. CEO of Ask About Bhutan Travels
  4. Member of Dispute Settlement Committee, Consumer Protection Office, Bhutan
  5. Founder of Social Club called Bhutan Divine Angels.


  1. Founder & President, Global Village Connections (GVC).
  2. Vice-President, International Federation for Indian Sub-continent entrepreneurs (www.ifise.com).
  3. Honorary Member for Bhutan, National Human Rights and Humanitarian Federation, India.
  4. Peace Ambassador for Bhutan, New World Life Organization, Sri lanka.

Mr. Chheku Dukpa is very much interested to work for the common welfare of the society. He believes that there is no meaning is living a self-centered life. More information about the founder can be accessed at his personal website www.jacksondukpa.com.