Clean Environment

Problem Statement

We human beings have been very irresponsible in terms of taking care of our mother earth. Earth is our home but we have failed to take care it. We have become more like monsters to bring so much destructions and damages. The water bodies have become inhabitable for other living species. We have been so careless about management of our wastes. We are polluting the very source which give us the life support systems. We need to find a way to address this problem.

How do we intend to address this issue ?

We want to create mass awareness across the globe and unite organizations and individuals to converge our efforts to take the following actions:

• Fight for international law to be tabled and adopted so that countries are made responsible to manage wastes and ensure that nothing harmful goes to the water bodies.
• Create a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and technologies in managing wastes better by people from all over the world.
• Lobby and create a centralized fund system to support developing and under-developed countries in executing waste management projects.

What are our immediate activities ?

• To create massive awareness about caring for our mother earth.
• Connect with respective governments, NGOs and invidivuals to coordinate the efforts towards a common goal.
• Conduct study and gather data on status of waste management in variosu countries.
• Conduct research on the best pratices available in the market.

How can you contribute in this cause of ours ?

Anyone can one or more of the following :

• Join as experts in the field of waste management.
• Donate funds to support the various activities.
• Help us to create the awarenes about our cause and activities.