Climate Change


climate change

Problem Statement

 Climate change is real and our survival is at risk. The impact that is going to have on our future generation is very huge. Although the threat is very huge, we are not doing enough to overcome this great challenge. Governments of many countries are just silent or rather botherless. It is only timely that we must all realize climate change as our common enemy and do something immediately. 

How do we intend to address Climate Change  ?

 We want to create mass awareness across the globe and unite organizations and individuals to converge our efforts to undertake the following projects:

  • Massive  greening  of the earth by planting trees.
  • Adoption of best waste management systems and practices.
  • Reduction of pollution through adoption of   clean energy and green technology 


What are our immediate activities ? 

  • To create massive awareness on climate change.
  • Connect with respective governments, NGOs and invidivuals to coordinate the efforts towards a common goal.
  • Conduct study and gather data on forest cover and pollution status in each country.
  • Plan for massive trees plantation for the next few years.
  • Conduct research on the latest green technologies available and advocate and facilate governments and private players to adopt them.
  • Conduct research on the best waste management practices available in the world and promote those ebest practives.  

How can you contribute in this cause of ours ? 

Anyone can one or more of the following :

  • Commit to volunteer and plant trees in the next season or subsequent seasons.
  • Join as experts in the field of pollution, waste management and green technologies.
  • Donate funds to support the various activities.
  • Help us to create the awarenes about climate change and our activities.