GVC Framework for Better World

GVC Framework for Better World


The vision of creating a better world to achieve the 6 broad objectives by focusing on the 10 domains is called the GVC Framework for a better world. The 20 domains fall under the respective objectives as given below:

O-1 : Domains D-1, D-2 and D-3

O-2 : Domains D-4, D-5, D-6, and D-7

O-3 : Domains D-8, D-9, D-10, and D-11

O-4 : Domains D-12 and  D-13

O-5 : Domains D-14, D-15, D-16, and D-17

O-6 : Domains D-18, D-19, and D-20


The 6 Objectives of GVC

O-1. Creation of safe, peaceful and united Societies.

O-2. Creation of educated, well-informed and responsible global citizens.

O-3. Promotion of the welfare and happiness of global citizens.

O-4. Promotion of sustainable development & sustainable living

O-5. Nurturing and maintaining a healthy mother earth.

O-6. Promotion of good governance


The 20 Domains of GVC

D-1: Love & Compassion

D-2: United Communities

D-3: Promotion of Art, Sport & Culture

D-4: Knowledgeable and Responsible Global Citizens.

D-5: Education with values.

D-6: Technology for all.

D-7: Correct & Right Information for all.

D-8: Basic Living Standard for all

D-9: Human Rights

D-10: Healthy Life for All

D-11: Prevention of Crimes & Terrorism

D-12: Sustainable Development

D-13: Sustainable Living/Responsible Consumption

D-14: Greener Earth

D-15: Cleaner Earth

D-16: Renewable Energy & Green Technologies

D-17: Adequacy of laws

D-18: Good Leadership

D-19: Corruption-free Societies

D-20: Efficient Service Delivery