“ Lets not continue to be blinded by our ignorance. We don’t need to fight among ourselves. Lets all together fight our common enemies such as climate change and  the forces of evil”

“Let us embrace love and kindness as our new universal religion. And lets adopt our universal culture as Helping Each Other ”

“Sustainability is our new path, to progress forward with responsibility and live the present with responsibility”.

“Capitalism has only done much damage than good. Capitalism must now transit to Responsible Capitalism. It simply means welfare-based capitalism – to give back to the society and taking responsibility to regenerate/heal our mother earth”

“Reforms in education are crucial. We need to impart more human values to our children so that they become both knowledgeable and responsible global citizens”

To the Global Leaders

“I want to see the new waves of selfless global leaders. Leaders that can bring the people together, stand for their rights and be with the people to create a better world”

“If you suppress the people, you are not a leader but a dictator”

“ The greatest gift you can give to people is to listen to them and govern with them”

“ Never misuse your power for self glorification. Always focus on impacting the world through positive transformations to change the lives of the people”

To the Youths

“ You are the future leaders and the future hopes of the world”

“As a youth, devote your time to listen more, observe more and learn more”

“ Always be one step ahead of others to think better and conduct better”.