GVC At A Glance


A united, harmonous and peaceful global community.


To create a better world by being the Enabler, Facilitator, Force, Healer, Light, Voice, Channel, Medium and Catalyst for global transformations.


1.Creation of Safe, Peaceful and United Societies;

2.Creation of Educated, Well-informed and Responsible global citizens;

3.Promotion of general Welfare and Happiness of the global citizens.

4.Spreading concepts of Sustainable living and  Sustainable Development,

5.Promotion of Good Governance with special emphasis on eliminating corruption.


Technology for Everyone

We believe that every human being deserves to enjoy the benefits of science, technology and innovation.

Zero Discrimination

We believe that every human being deserve to be treated equal without any kinds of discrimination race, religion and social status.

We are One

We believe that we are all are one community of global citizens of this planet Earth.

Shared Responsibility

We believe that every country and its citizens have shared responsibilities  to protect the environment and live in harmony.

Freedom of Religion and Beliefs

We believe that every religion in the world must enjoy equal status of freedom of practice.

Animal Sacrifices

We also believe that no religion must teach and practice any forms of animal sacrifices.

Human Rights for Everyone

We believe that citizens of every country deserve adequate justice and basic human rights.

Responsible  Governance

We believe that the people of every country deserves t enjoy sound and efficient governance with minimal corruptions.

Future of Education

We believe that every country must include in their education system to inculcate human values and sustainability.

Solution for Sustainable Peace

We believe that the 21st century should see the end of any wars and conflicts. We must then fight for global peace. We believe that every country should maintain military only to safeguard national peace and not for national defense.

Citizenship for All

We believe that every human being must enjoy a state of nationhood. No one should be displaced and forced to remain without a citizenship of any country.

All living species deserves Safety & protection

We believe that every other living beings including animals deserves to be protected and preserved not to face any extinctions. We also believe that no animals should face abuse and torture and that all forms of sports and trophy hunting be abolished.

Basic necessities for all

We believe that every government must make extra efforts to provide to its citizens at least the basic necessities of life.

Responsible Capitalism

We strongly believe that the new path of progress and development is “Capitalism with Responsibility”. Responsible capitalism simply stands for sustainable development and responsible consumption.



We believe in honesty and everyone working for GVC or associated with GVC must possess high moral principles.


GVC places high regard and consideration to those who are interested to make meaningful contribution for the general welfare of  the society.

Team Work

Team work is a culture which GVC adopts as something that would see the accomplishments of every task and goal.

Unity & Togetherness

In all the steps, processes, conducts, operations, and the countless journeys, unity & togetherness would define our greatest strength and potentials.


GVC would always strive to place a unique identity in the global market in terms of quality , professionalism, efficiency and integrity.