New Human Rights

Problem Statement

People from many countries are suppressed by their governments restricting them to connect to the outside world. They are not allowed to engage in social media. Most of the governments are corrupted and the governance systems are very poor. Therefore, people have no adequate opportunities to grow and live their dreams.

How do we intend to address this issue ?

We want to fight for the following to e included and adopted as new human rights:

1. Right to Technology:
Without interruption from the government, to access and adopt various technologies available in the world.

2. Right to Good Governance :
To have a good government in place and to have good laws and systems for a better life.

3. Right to Friendship and Association :
To connect with people from other countries and to associate to share ideas and information for the advancement of society.

What are our immediate activities ?

• To run an online petition for support globally.
• Connect and associate with right people and organization to fulfill this cause.

How can you contribute in this cause of ours ?

Anyone can one or more of the following :

• Support us in terms of signing the petition when it is live.
• Help us to create the awarenes about our cause and our activities.