Online Crimes

Problem Statement

Many innocent people are getting scammed online. Most people do not know about the many criminals present in social media platforms. There are cases whereby many people have been cheated but could not catch the criminals because there is no proper systems in place to report the crime and catch the criminals.

How do we intend to address this issue ?

We will create awareness on the various crimes committed and to create a platform to seek advices on how to best avoid getting victimized online. We will work with government and organizations in different countries to put in place a very efficient way of reporting and addressing online crimes. With such a system in place, any person and anywhere in the world can access the platform and get help.

What are our immediate activities ?

• To conduct study on what are the possible crimes committed onlines.
• Create awareness to the people about the possible online crimes.
• Contact Facebook to discuss about addressing the crimes committed on Facebook and how to take appropriate steps to minimize the crimes.
• Will soon create an online petition for Facebook to do something on tightening the registration process.

How can you contribute in this cause of ours ?

Anyone can one or more of the following :

• Support us in terms of signing the petition when it is live.
• Help us to create the awarenes about out efforts.
• Become a GVC member and help us to solve online crimes.