OP- 06. Technology for Everyone

OP- 06. Technology for Everyone

Project Goal

 “To ensure that the everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of the latest available technologies in the world ”.

Problem Statement:

Many developments are taking place every day in terms of technological innovations in the various sectors but it is not accessible and not known to majority of the people. The benefits of innovation must reach to everyone so that the lives of the people can be improved or made easier.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Study and conduct research on the latest and best technologies available in the market in various countries.
  • Create a platform for everyone to know the latest technologies available in the world.
  • Ensure that people are able to choose the best technologies as per their needs and budget.


  • A well developed platform for accessing the latest technologies and best practices.
  • Enhanced lives of the people through technology.
  • Improved public services through the adoption and use of best technologies.