OP- 07: Creation of healthy global citizens

OP- 07: Creation of healthy global citizens

Project Goal

 “To create global awareness on both preventive and adaptive healthcare”.

Problem Statement:

Millions of around the world do not have adequate information on preventive healthcare. There is no mass advocacy targeted to teach to the common people. They are mostly consumed by the elements of spirituality and often lack the right scientific knowledge. Information on diet control and diet requirements are almost non-existent in many countries.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Build capacity by uniting experts in the field of health and medicine to come up with educational programs on health and wellness.
  • Develop educative materials to be circulated through various mediums.
  • Build up platform to give advisory or expert opinions to the people.
  • Conduct medical camps to reach out specific medical services to the poor an needy people.
  • Create health conciousness to switch to new path of preventive healthcare.


  • Creation of healthy global citizens.
  • An efficient system or platform in place to seek expert opinions.
  • Creation of a pool of health and well professionals to serve the people.