OP- 08 Creating of Responsible, Compassionate & Peaceful Global Citizens.

OP- 08. Creating of Responsible, Compassionate & Peaceful Global Citizens.

Project Goal

 “To bring positive driven and more conscious global citizens”.

Problem Statement:

Modern developments have brought more chaos as societies and families are breaking up. People are becoming more individualistic and self-centered. People are becoming more materialistic and selfish. There is need to redefine the way we look at life. We need an overhaul in our approach of thoughts and actions that is more projected towards common goal of making this world a better place through shared responsibilities.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Create a global culture of love, compassion and helping eachother.
  • Develop programs to spread the message of love and compassion.
  • Develop education materials on taking up shared responsibilities.
  • Organize various peace compaigns through seminars, wprkshops and mass rallies.
  • Create advocacy for parents bring up their children through constant care and teachings of love and compassion at home.
  • Create advocacy for educational institutions to include courses or programs to edcuate students about love, compassion and tolerance.
  • Unite religions bodies to work towards common goal of achieveing peace in teh world.


  • A peaceful and united societies.
  • More peaceful global citizens.
  • A more responsible global citizens.
  • A better world for every one.