Overview of Business Activities

Overview of Business Activities

Marketing & Promotion
GVC shall carry out marketing and promotion for various goods and services. For marketing and promotion,best pratices and methods of marketing by using various on-line and off-line platforms shall be adopted. GVC shall maintain data-base of supliers and producers of all goods and services and build a dynamic and healthy relations will all players in the market.

Both retail and wholesale  trading of any goods based on the market feasibility and profitability across the globe. GVC shall only engage in trading of items or products that are consumed by the common people where price stablilization is essential. GVC shall also engage in business regarding products that contribute to the health and general welfare of the people.

Logistic Support
GVC shall render and facilitate necessary logistics services to the businesses and individuals across the globe.

Research, Consultancy & Publication
From time to time, GVC shall carry out market research on market oportunities for goods and sevies in various countries for facilitating export and imports among countries. The company shall also offer various consultancy services. Publication of business magazines may also be carried out by GVC.

Organize Corporate Trainings, Seminars & Workshops
GVC  shall organize various trainings, seminars and workshops around the  globe. GVC shall develop association with traning experts and institutions from various countries in different sectors.

Promote Global Tourism
The company shall promote global tourism with special focus on medical tourism, wellness tourism, and eco-tourism.