Policy & Rules

Policy & Rules

  1. General
    1. Business model shall be governed by moral principles.
    2. While venturing and engaging into business activities, the aspects of wealth distribution, narrowing the gap between rich & poor, providing easy access to modern technology and basic necessities of life shall determine the business model and pricing.
    3. It shall be made sure that no services and goods are priced at extraordinary prices.
    4. All customers and clients shall be treated equally without differentiating heir economic background, religion, race and ethnicity.
    5. Any element of misuse of power, position and funds shall not be tolerated.
  2. Business Conduct & Professionalism
    1. Every steps and processes of GVC activities and projects shall be undertaken in the most professional manner.
    2. Everything must be planned and executed as per the approved systems and procedures.
    3. Under the GVC banner, no one is allowed to promote individual businesses.
    4. Any business that happens between GVC and others must be transparent and as per the allowed procedures and systems.
    5. Quality of services and goods shall never be compromised in order to gain any financial gains or other advantages.
    6. No services or goods shall be priced extra taking advantages of abnormal circumstances.
  3. Transparency
    1. GVC must demonstrate high level of transparency in every business conduct and other social activities.
    2. Any amount of corruption shall not be tolerated and shall be viewed very strictly.
    3. GVC shall not engage in any activities that is unlawful and include elements of corruption or ill practices.
  4. GVC Branding
    1. GVC shall establish a unique place in the global market with its own standard of goods and services.
    2. Where ever possible, GVC shall diversify its activities in manufacturing of products with its own brand.
  5. Investment
    1. General
    • The minimum investment allowed is US$100.00 and the maximum investment allowed is US$ 39,000.00.
    • Any investor may be allowed to discontinue their investment after the end of a particular financial year. In such case, GVC shall return the principle investment along with interest of 3% for the period whereby profits have not been not been shared.
    • Investors of any category shall have no right to intervene in the daily operations of GVC and participate in the decision making process.
  1. Investment Scheme
  2. Any person from any country can become an investor in GVC under the 5 categories  of  investment as outlined below:
Category I
SL.No Amount (US$) Award of Points
1 100 1P
2 200 2P
3 300 3P
4 400 4P
5 500 5P
6 600 6P
7 700 7P
8 800 8P
9 900 9P
Category II
SL.No Amount (US$) Award of Points
1 1,000 10P
2 2,000 20P
3 3,000 30P
4 4,000 40P
5 5,000 50P
6 6,000 60P
7 7,000 70P
8 8,000 80P
9 9,000 90P
Category III
SL.No Amount (US$) Award of Points
1 10,000 100P
2 11,000 110P
3 12,000 120P
4 13,000 130P
5 14,000 140P
6 15,000 150P
7 16,000 160P
8 17,000 170P
9 18,000 180P
10 19,000 190P
Category IV
SL.No Amount (US$) Award of Points
1 20,000 200P
2 21,000 210P
3 22,000 220P
4 23,000 230P
5 24,000 240P
6 25,000 250P
7 26,000 260P
8 27,000 270P
9 28,000 280P
10 29,000 290P
Category V
SL.No Amount (US$) Award of Points
1 30,000 300P
2 31,000 310P
3 32,000 320P
4 33,000 330P
5 34,000 340P
6 35,000 350P
7 36,000 360P
8 37,000 370P
9 38,000 380P
10 39,000 390P

Working Procedure

  • All communications with GVC shall be organized through a single channel. This is for professionalism and efficiency of the operations.
  • For any communications that happen through personal referrals, this shall be intimated immediately for proper record and further actions.
  • For normal professional services, there will be no direct communications between the clients and the professionals. However, some cases may be allowed based on the situation and requirements.


  1. President
    The President of the Company shall not receive any salary but shall be eligible for share of profits as per the allocated point system allowed under the company rules.
  2. Vice-Presidents
    The Vice-Presidents who shall also be the Board of Directors of the Company shall not receive any salary but shall be eligible for share of profits as per the allocated point system allowed under the company rules.
  3. Country Directors & Regional Directors
    The Country Directors and Regional Directors shall not receive any salary but shall be eligible for share of profits as per the allocated point system allowed under the Company Rules.
  4. Industry Experts
    The Industry Experts shall not receive any salary and will also not  eligible for any share of profits. The efforts made and the expertise rendered shall be covered under the expert fees on a activity or project basis.
  5. Members
    All members of GVC shall enjoy assistance in general but only gold members shall enjoy financial benefits shall such as discounts on good and services offered by the organization.