Problem Statement

Although there are numerous efforts made for global peace, the world at large still remains to be a troubled place. Many international and regional conflicts are prevalent and the people of the world are facing constant problems of security and threat in terms of peace.

The world is faced with increasing crimes with the ever increase in population. Terrorism still remains a big threat to human peace and security. Therefore, the there is an urgent need for the world to step up in its efforts to address such challenges. There is also an increasing online crimes committed by many but not enough have been done to address such emerging challenges. There are cases whereby many people have been cheated but could not catch the criminals because there are no proper systems in place to report the crime and catch the criminals

How do we intend to address this issue ?

The world needs to come together and make  coordinated efforts in order to achieve global peace. Individuals and organizations must come together and work towards a common goal. GVC would like to work towards coming up with a Global Peace Framework. The Global Peace Framework may include the following:

  • Complete abandoning of nuclear weapons.
  • Demilitarization by all countries in the near future.
  • Promotion of inter-religious harmony.
  • Promotion of basic human rights.
  • Promotion of good governance.

What are our immediate activities ?? 

  • To conduct study on what is being done so far with regard to promotion of peace.
  • Unite individual and organizations who are already engaged in the promotion of peace.
  • Work towards creating a Global Peace Framework.
  • Create awareness to the people about possible online crimes.
  • Push for combined efforts for combating global terrorismand online crimes.

How can you contribute in this cause of ours ? 

Anyone can do one or more of the following :


  • Contrubute in terms of expertise in our efforts.
  • Help us to create the awarenes about out efforts.
  • Become a patron and support our activities.