SP-03: Achieving Global Food Security

SP-03: Achieving Global Food Security

Project Goal

 “To ensure enough food for everyone by promoting and facilitating smart farming”.

Problem Statement:

Many farmers in across the globe are not equipped with the right knowledge and technology to carry out farming on a professional level. Many governments do not have clear policies and strategy to help the agriculture sector to achieve food security. In many countries proper or adequate support from the government is not available.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Study and conduct research on the latest and best technologies available in the market in various countries.
  • Study and conduct research on the best practices adopted across the globe.
  • Create appropriate mechanisms and channels to reach out to help the formers across the globe.
  • Collarborate with governmetns and NGOs across the globe to adopt modern-day farming to achieve sustainability.
  • Create financial support mechanisms by lobbying with the inernational funding agencies.
  • Create mechanisms and ways to connect to global markets for the agricultural products.


  • A well developed platform for accessing the latest technologies and best practices.
  • A well coordinated support mechanisms for the farmers in place.
  • Local economy being enhanced with more jobs creation and food for all.