SP- 05: Research and Information Project

SP- 05: Research and Information Project

Project Goal

 “To create a knowledge and information bank for all ”.

Problem Statement:

Although there are lot of information in the internet, many of the sources cannot be trusted. There is also not enough information about specific topics which are useful for the people. Even if there are free information available, many people do not know how to access them.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Collect and compile various information and make them available to the people for free.
  • Conduct research on the various systems, trends and pratices across the globe to find out best ones and also to find out the inadequacies.
  • Develop appropriate platforms for people to access the information free of cost.


  • Reseach data and information in place.
  • Appropriate platforms for accessing the infommation and data.
  • Enhanced knowledge of global citizens.