SP- 01 : Greener Earth Project

SP- 01:   Greener Earth Project

Project Goal

 “To reverse or address Climate Change”.

Problem Statement:

Modern development activities have depleted most of the green areas of the earth. In some countries, the forest cover is as low as 5%. Although there is reasonable consciousness, we need to work harder to regenerate our forests. This must be undertaken as coordinated effort on a global scale. There are only few countries who are making reasonable efforts. Many countries are still very much ignorant of the dangers of climate change.


Greening efforts must be undertaken by all countries. We need to set a target for every country in the world. We need to reverse climate change at the soonest before it is too late. This consciousness must be felt by every country and its citizens. The efforts must be coordinated so that our efforts are converged to a common goal of reversing the climate change. GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Create consciousness on the issues of climate change.
  • Work with all other global players to find out what is the minimum intervention required to reverse the climate change.
  • Plan and execute coordinated greening efforts all over the world.
  • Study and identify countries where maximum action needs to be taken.


  • Conscious and responsible global citizens for the environment.
  • More greener earth.
  • Minimized dangers of climate change.
  • Well coordinated system in place for greener earth initiatives