SP-02: Clean & Smart Earth Project

SP-02: Clean & Smart Earth Project 

Project Goal

 “To maintain a clean earth by cleaning and managing wastes in an efficient and smart way”.

Problem Statement:

The earth is at present in a state of great mess. The oceans have become so much polluted that the living species are becoming extinct. Animals in the ocean are suffering do to the toxic wastes entering the oceans. Many countries in the world do not care about the polluting of the water masses like rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. So much damage has already been done. We definitely need to find immediate cures and also come up with preventive measures.


The world must come together and everyone must take our own shares of responsibility. Every government must make sure that there are appropriate measures  in place to tackle these problems. Below are measures GVC would be undertaking:

  • Fight for international law that criminalizes any country polluting the water masses.
  • Conduct research on best practices and technical innovations to manage and recycle plastics and other toxic wates and spread across the world.
  • Lobby and work with governments, and NGOs to tackle the problems of
  • Create appropriate platforms for everyone to access the latest technologies and best pratices in the area of waste management.
  • Lobby and secure appropriate fundings from international organizations for carrying out various waste management projects.
  • Carry out massive cleaning activities on a global scale.


  • Ready made projects on various recycling initiatives.
  • A proper platform and channel for accessing all technical and policy related informations on waste management.
  • A more clean earth which is much safer for all living species.
  • A pool of experts to assist anyone seeking expertise on matters of waste management.