Theme 11: Say no to animal cruelty

Theme 11:   Say no to animal cruelty

Problem Statement:

Many animals in this world are abused by cruel people. In the farms and slaughterhouses, animals are exposed to extreme conditions being deprived of their freedom to live a good life.  In other cases, animals are still used to carry out so many difficult tasks which are beyond acceptable practices.


GVC would like to carry out the following:

  • Fight for stopping animal cruelty by lobbying for appropriate international laws or regulations to set up minimum standards for caring and freedom for animals.
  • Fight to establish and impose limits on deploying animals as a means for transportation.
  • Fight to establish an international body to oversee issues related to animal cruelties.


  • Appropriate laws and regulations in place with regard to animal cruelty.
  • A proper platform and united voice for animal cruelty.