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What We Have Done

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Global Village ConnectionThe Vision of Global Village Connection (GVC) is to create better world. How can there be a better world without making a consideration for our environment. Therefore, as Greener Earth Initiative, GVC organized plantations across the globe in the month of June 2019.


In Bhutan, June 2 is celebrated as Social Forestry Day as it is the coronation day of His Majesty, the fourth king of Bhutan. Conservation of environment is well placed in Bhutan’s pursuit of national progress and well being. Our Constitution requires that we have to maintain 60% forest cover at all times.

In Bhutan, we collaborated with few schools and other stake holders to do the tree plantations. The event was dedicated to World Peace and in Bhutan, it was specially dedicated to His Majesty the 4th  King for his long life and good health. His Majesty the 4th King of Bhutan deserves to be applauded and appreciated for his consideration for preserving the environment. His Majesty coined the idea of Gross National Happiness (GNH) whereby conservation and protection of environment has been included as one of the four pillars of the development philosophy. Bhutan has always placed conservation and protection of environment as very important. Environment screening and compliance are put in the framework of every  project approval and implementation.

great fourth king of Bhutan
great fourth king of Bhutan


 The Greener Earth Initiative of GVC on June 2, 2019 was participated by 1349 people from 11 countries whereby about 8000 trees were planted. It was a huge success as in was not planned with adequate time in advance. All the people who participated in the event were very enthusiatic about the intentions of GVC. It was mainly to create a awareness across the globe about gobal warming and how to step up to address climate change.

The event was very good to start the advocay for the environment as many people came forward to participate and many otthers appreciated our efforts. In the coming years, GVC would plan to coordinate tress pantation all over the world with a proper planning.


 Sl No Country Location Total Participants Trees Planted           Remarks
1 Ghana Siawkrom 30 50 Students
2 India Arrunachal Pradesh 15 10 Students
3 Bhutan Woochu Paro 40 100 Students
4 Bhutan Karmaling , Dagana 100 60 Staffs & Students
5 Bhutan Thimphu 35 300 Trainees of IPS
6 India Barbeta, Assam 7 7 Young Boys
7 Bhutan Khamdang , Trashiyangtse 530 330 Students
8 UK Wales 2 2 Rinpoche & Khandro
9 Bhutan Samdrup Jongkhar 46 240 Students
10 Mauritious Mandiram 15 30 GVC members
11 UK Wales 1 2 Friends
12 Lebanon Zanduka 5 6 Friends
13 Nigeria Kaduna 7 15 Friends
14 India Chennai 1 3 GVC Member
15 Thailand Phichit 1 6 Friends
16 Bhutan Trongsa 20 150 students
17 Switzerland Zurich 2 5 By heart Academy
18 Bhutan Trashiyangtse 100 150 Students
19 India Shillong , Meghalaya 10 50 Villagers
20 India Deradun, Utterakand 250 5400 Friends
21 Bangladesh Dhaka 100 1000 Friends
22 USA Texas 1 25 Friend
23 Bhutan Kanglung 30 60 Students
24 Switzerland Zurich 1 1 Friend
1349 8002



GVC Greener Earth Team No: 01

Country – Ghana
Place of plantation – Siawkrom

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 02 (June 2)

Country – India
Place of plantation – Arunachal Pradesh

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 03 (June 2)

1. Country – Bhutan
2. Place of plantation – Woochu, Paro

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 04

1. Country – Bhutan
2. Place of plantation – Karmaling, Dagana

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 04

1. Country – Bhutan
2. Place of plantation – Karmaling, Dagana

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 06

1. Country – India
2. Place of plantation – Barpeta, Assam

GVC Greener Earth Team No: 07

1. Country – Bhutan
2. Place of plantation – Khamdang, Trashiyangtse